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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Big issue

In the early days of my blog I chatted about a fellow called Pirate John. He was a longstanding friend of Salt Face's and I'd only met him once before when he invited us up to stay with him in Manchester. Salt Face, knowing I was a fan of treasure hunts, texted Pirate John to tell him he had to set one up for us. Pirate John went above and beyond the call of duty and we were treated to a hunt round the city for our treasure.

We received the first clue by text message when we were on the train from Stoke. We got off the train and wandered around trying to figure the clue out. Pirate John must have known there was a possibility we would struggle and so he sent us a treasure hunt fairy in the form of Hank who passed us on the street yelling at us and pointing at a billboard. behind the billboard was our first envelope and inside was our second clue along with a compass. We then followed the clues and used the compass until we came to the final clue which said "What's the Big Issue". We looked around us and spotted a guy selling the Big Issue. When we asked him what the big issue was he smiled and told us he'd been waiting for us but he wouldn't tell us the clue unless we bought a copy of his magazine. Then he told us our treasure was waiting in the pub down the road. When we arrived Pirate John and Hank the treasure hunt fairy were waiting for us with pints of beer.

I love impromptu happenings. Like the time a walk along the canal ended up at a hippy party on a rare breeds farm with ostriches and llamas and the time we jumped on a random bus and jumped off when we saw a funfair and we thought we were going to die on the waltzer. I'm so glad we didn't die on the waltzer.


Rob Z Tobor said...

I tend not to do stuff like that. . . But the Treasure Hunt sounded very cool indeed.

Its sunny here which is nice

Stay smiling

hootchinhannah said...

The Treasure Hunt was awesome. It was sunny here for several days in a row, which is a rare treat. It's hard not to smile when the sun is shining. But it's currently raining and I'm still smiling!