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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ziggy Does A Bieber In The Bathroom

I finished work a couple of hours early today and wasn't sure how I was going to put the afternoon in. I took Ziggy his quick walk rond the block to relieve himself and bumped into my sister and niece. My niece was going to gymnastics so I thought I'd tag along. I took Ziggy for his proper walk and then left him back home before calling round to my sister's. Ziggy is not used to me going out and leaving him unless it's in the morning. He accpets that he has to spend that part of the day by himself but, otherwise, I try to fit my life around him as much as possible. This is good of course. I am a responsible dog owner. But lately I've realised that I have to live my own life a bit more and not restrict myself to dog friendly activities.

So I left Ziggy behind. I gave him the run of the house for a change rather than being confined to the one room. I thought it would make it easier for him. I came home two and a half hours later to the sound of whimpering. He had let himeslf into the bathroom but couldn't get out again. I opened the door and was met with complete chaos. He'd completely ripped up and chewed the lino flooring, he'd pulled towels all round him, tore up the toilet paper and managed to bring down the plastic side of the bath (which was poorly designed anyway). So that's the last time he gets the run of the house. I called him a bad boy and phoned my mum in tears. I was angry but I knew it wasn't his fault. When I got off the phone I went to find him to let him know I wasn't cross. He was hiding behind the sofa. He refused to come out at first. Which is strange because he's never been punished harshly for anything. He seemed to know that he'd done a really bold thing. But he was trapped and frustrated in the bathroom. He came out from behind the sofa with some coaxing and now he's lying on the sofa beside me.

The mess looks bad and I have to go clean it now. Mum thought Ziggy had died because I was so upeset. So, from her point of view it could have been a lot worse. Things could always be a lot worse.


Rob Z Tobor said...

Ah the little beast panicked and I guess if he has not been in the room or not used to being there it would make it worse.

Dogs dont like being told off but he will have entirely forgotten all this by the morning and be his old self again, tale wagging and ready for action.

hootchinhannah said...

I did feel very sorry for him being trapped in there. But it's long forgotten now.