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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Things My Dog Can do

I used to leave BBC Radio 4 on in the mornings when I went to work so Ziggy wouldn't be startled by all the noises of the outside world and start barking. I haven't done that in a while now but I defineitly think it's helped Ziggy learn the English language.

I know most dogs are clever. And I know that owners have a tendency (just as parents do) to think that their dog is the most intelligent being on the planet. Ok, so the truth is, I haven't much else to write about so I'm pretending that my dog's cleverness is far more significant than is actually deemed necessary. I don't care.


1. Sit! I have to start off with the more unimpressive things to build up momentum.

2. Give his paw. Though he's not keen on this. I understand. I don't like giving my paw either. Or holding hands with boys.

3. Lie down. Sometimes I get him to do this when he's being naughty just so he remembers that it's much nicer to get praise than be shouted at. It hasn't really worked so far.

4. Roll over. Ziggy KNOWS how to do this but he just thinks it's far too much effort. He used to at least try but now he puts his head down and refuses to make eye contact.

5. Stand on his hind legs and pirouette like a ballet dancer. I don't really have a proper command for this yet as he just did it one day and now keeps on doing it because he knows I love it and he'll get a treat.

6. Tell the difference between his various toys. Everything's lying on the floor and I ask Ziggy to get his tugger/squeaker/teddy or ball. He knows exactly which one is which. Though the tugger and teddy are his favourites.

7. He knows exactly what house my sister's dogs live at and he scratches at the door even if we're just walking past to get home.

8. He knows the names of his two most favourite bitchers in the world. JUDY and JESS. When I say their names he goes frantic running to the door.

He's only 8 months old so I reckon by the time he's two we should be seeing him on the big screen. I seriously think it's time that Joesph Gordon Levitt took on a role in a film where he needs a trusty animal side kick. Let it never be said that I didn't have hopes and aspirations.


Rob Z Tobor said...

I used to have a very clever dog, very clever indeed, but she never obeyed any commands at home ever because she could not be bothered. However she hated going to the vet after a big op so would always obey every command at the vets. This was cool as most animals at the vets never obey commands, so she looked super obedient and always impressed both the other pet owners and the vets. But once back home that was it, she would sort of lift her paw and do a doggy fork at me implying enough is enough.

Nelly said...

I am terribly proud to own Ziggy as my grandpup.

hootchinhannah said...

Wow, a dog that obeys at the vet's is some pup indeed! Also, a clever trick to flick you the paw.

Nelly, I think Ziggy is pretty chuffed to be your grandpup too.

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