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Thursday, February 06, 2014

This Is What A Hoor-Cat Looks Like

This is a tale of a ginger cat,
A cat who was big, and oh so fat!
And he met, one day with a rat, who was late,
For a date, with a mate, a friend he called 'Fate'
The cat, who was quick, and oh so slick,
Pounced on the rat, who was taken aback.
The cat it fled, with his prize in his jaws,
The rat could do nothing but hold up his paws,
And pray to the good, that he wouldn't be food,
That he'd meet for his date with his friend called 'Fate'.
The rat closed its eyes and squeaked out 'please',
The cat was tickled and suddenly sneezed,
And lo and behold, the rat was released,
From the jaws of that terrible, fat, ginger beast.
The rat he did run as fast as he could,
Ran deep into the dark, dark woods,
Where he thought he was safe, from the cat and it's claws,
And these terrible things with their terrible jaws.
But down from the sky, swooped a bird that could fight,
The rat stood no chance and gave up its plight,
In the mouth of the bird, the rat took flight,
Way up in the sky, oh, what a sight.
And a little girl watched, as she walked down the street,
Watched the bird in the sky and saw the rat's little feet,
She yelled out loud as a train went by,
And it frightened the bird that was up in the sky,
It let out a squawk and the rat fell through the air,
Thankfully, though, the girl's aunty was there,
She caught the wee rat and took her back home,
Where the rat would be safe to run free and roam,
A place that was fun , no birds and no cats,
But best of all, a place with more rats!


Rob Z Tobor said...

Very Cool . . . . . You are a one for your Rats . . . .

Nelly said...

That was good. Have the nieces heard it yet?

hootchinhannah said...

They heard the story version which was made up by you Nelly! I shamelessly stole the idea and made it into a poem.

hootchinhannah said...

I am a one for the rats, and the dogs. And most critters.

Nelly said...

I thought it sounded familiar. I have an idea for making it into a book for the girls. Something to talk about on Wednesday.

hootchinhannah said...

Sounds like a plan.

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