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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Wee Bro

After however many years of blogging I decided I needed a new look. I think it sums up my general outlook on life at the minute. On the plus side though, I've inherited a temporary wee brother for a few days. He comes in the form of a Young Banjo. The youngest in fact.

We like him being here. He keeps Bert well at the hard work all day long. He came in and ate a hearty dinner and gave full compliments to the chef (Nelly) and told her she's a brilliant cook. He's out in the kitchen now, dutifully cutting up rhubarb for a crumble and because he's near the kettle he asked Nelly if she wanted a cup of tea or coffee. He apologised for talking over mum and I and he's only eleven years old. He is, without a doubt, an absolute wee star.

It's a shame we can't keep him.

1 comment:

Nelly said...

LIke the new look. Your wee bro is being taught to play chess by his godfather (bert) this very minute.