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Thursday, February 21, 2008

When I Were A Lass

If, like me, you were a child of the 80's (and from this neck of the woods) you will be lucky enough to remember such delights as;

Nerds, dweebs and runts, Mojos (spearmint, strawberry and cola flavoured), shellsuits, bomber jackets, NASA jackets (nice and safe attitude? Oh, so that's why you're beating my face in), neon shoelaces, New Kids on the Block, Bryan 'fu*king' Adams being at No.1 for a million years with that song, Kylie and Jason mania, The Gummy Bears, Trapdoor, Moomins, He-Man, Thundercats, SuperGran, Eldorado, trolls (we had them at the end of our bed, we had them on top of our pencils, hell, we had them everywhere), Secret bars, Vice Versa's, Chocolate flavour crisps and pretzels, push pops, bum bags, combats and hair perms. I thought that Walnut Whips should be added to the lists but I saw yesterday that they still exist. But who they hell is buying them?

I bet everyone wishes they were a child of the 80's now.


Anonymous said...

I do. Dad xxxxx

Anonymous said...

"Don't push me - push a push pop!"

I vaguely recall being addicted to Secret bars, and also watching Trapdoor every Saturday morning on Going Live. And let's not forget Pat Sharp on Fun House every Friday after school!

However, one of my major annoyances when having this type of conversation with my friends is that absolutely nobody remembers an 80s show with two extremely irritating little... *things* called Stoppit and Tidyup. Nobody whatsoever. People have accused me of making them up, or living in my own imaginary world. But they were real! They ran around going "stoppit! stoppit! tidyup tidyup!". And the world does not remember. :(

Nelly said...

Where have these people been Hails? I remember Stoppit and Tidy Up. Tidy Up loved gherkins. That was the era of animated plastercine.

Dad, you really wish you were a child of the 80's? I almost forgot in my list, Fruit of the Loom sweat shirts and oven chips with tomato ketchup in the middle for people who couldn't be bothered putting any on their chips.

Damn! I'm signed in as Nelly