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Monday, December 31, 2007

The Things I've Done

'Tis New Year's Eve and there are only a mere few hours left of 2007. I for one have had a fantastic year. Things didn't always work out the way they were meant to but I have dealt with whatever problems I've been confronted with. Here's a list of the things I did in 2007 that I'd never done before:

1. Learnt to ride a motorbike (well, I say I learnt to ride one, I did, I just never rode it).

2. Quit my job in a clothes shop to become a teacher in Thailand.

3. Eaten an array of disgusting, slimy, indestiguishable fishy things whilst I was drunk.

4. Swam in the sea in my bra and pants.

5. Developed an addiction to products containing malt or barley.

6. Worn pretty blouses and skirts to work.

7. Made a naughty student do press ups until he cried.

8. Fired a revolver.

9. Given someone a lap dance.

10. Proved myself to be THE No. 1 hostess with the mostess by announcing dunkenly to my guests: You can stay here for a while..... just turn off the lights and don't talk.

So there you are. Now in 2008 I have much to live to up to.

1 comment:

Brad Beaverhowsen said...

hey babe! I would love to send you a pic of kearas # 1, but there is a problem there. i have heard that he is dead. not 100% sure, but i am fairly certain that it is him that they are talking about.

but I NEED THAT PICTURE! you are the only one that has a good picture of the love of my life. at least until Paul gets his ass in to gear : ) Don't ask, be happy you are not here in the middle of it!

Anyway, I NEED THAT PICTURE, you are keeping my holy grail from me! Naughty girl...

Miss you, check my blog, a post devoted to you!

Love you,