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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

This Way

Foot Rest
Originally uploaded by hootchinhannah
Zac, lying at the bottom of the bed with everyone using him as a foot rest. We had no choice really considering he'd forgot where his hotel room was. He rememembered the number of his room, he could even say it in Thai, but there were so many other hotels he couldn't remember which one was his. Personally, I was all on for leaving him outside our room to fend for himself but my apparently this was considered to be mean.

Mahaila's foot is the nice tanned one on Zac's face. I have a feeling she staged her pose as she was the one who took the photo. She was also the only one who was awake. My feet are the dazzling pure white ones. One foot is on his throat (Mahaila thought I might've possibly killed him in the night) and the other one is on his diaphragm (it's a wonder I didn't kill him). Brad's feet are around Zac's nether regions and Romy's feet are the mozzy bitten ones resting on Zac's left thigh. I slept like a log that night.

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