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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I Need

I was just about to write a list of all the things I need when I realised that pens are actually something that I need and, without them, I cannot write a list. I have two pens and they both ran out last night when I was doing some homework. This is my list:

Pens - how could I have let it get to the stage where I only had two pens and they both ran out? I have a cheek calling myself a writer.

Work shoes - Ziggy chewed the current ones

Bag - Ziggy chewed the current one

Haircut - In my secondary shcool days I wore a fringe that came half way down my face. It suited me that way. I liked the Sonic Youth song Goo "She looks through her hair like she doesn't care". But now I'm no longer a teenager and I bump into things when my fringe gets long.

Bathroom floor - Ziggy chewed the current one

Well, as you can see there's a lot of money to be spent. Money I don't quite have yet but hopefully the next month will sort that out. I stumbled upon this short video a while ago and regretted not bookmarking the page. It took me a while to find it again but I think it's well worth a share.


Rob Z Tobor said...

It seems to me that the one person who would have pens that run out is a writer. I use ball point pens for all my drawings and they run out all the time. Luckily I use very cheap ones so it is OK.

I looked at the link but decided as a regular user of social media with the blog and the like, and telling tales of Zombies and lemmings and pointy sticks, that it was best to go Ya Sucks Boo a lot...

Dogs can be expensive. . . .

hootchinhannah said...

I was aghast at running out of pens. I also can be choosy about the pens I write with. I like a pen that glides smoothly over the page. Papermates are great and Bic Cristal's are one of my favourites.

The video talked about social networking as a whole but I think blogging is slightly exempt from what it was talking about. I said a while ago that facebook was killing the spirit of community because it was too easy to hit the 'like' button rather than expressing thoughts through words. Very few people are really connected with their friends on facebook. And it is true that we have the power to edit ourselves. I do believe that facebook has destroyed the essence of freindships and what they're meant to be about.

And dogs can be expensive, but luckily, everything I own didn't cost a lot to begin with.