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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Second Time Round

I'm nearly sure there's some kind of blogger loop hole which makes it ok to recycle a blog post if it's more than 5 years old. I've had this blog for 9 years now. Wow! In those 9 years I have had 3 different boyfriends, 7 different different jobs, and 4 different homes. I've been to Thailand, Holland, New York, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Madrid. I've lost 3 pet rats. I went to the zoo as much as I could. I made buns. I had weird dreams. I ate a lot of sweets. I experienced a lot of love. Here's the recycled blog post from way back when:

A Wee Story

There was a young lass called Eliza. She decided she would make some special butter and with that special butter she would make some buns. She asked her stepfather Barnardo how to make the special butter. He told her, a wee bit o' this and a wee bit o' that and boil it all together. Eliza followed his instructions closely but what Barnardo had failed to tell her was that if she used a plastic spatula to stir the butter the spatula would melt. Whoops! But it was only a little bit and Eliza decided to continue making her special butter. And very well it turned out too.

When the butter was ready Eliza started to make the buns. She had made sure she had all the ingredients she needed. Barnardo had advised her, when making the buns, to use half of the special butter and half normal butter. But when it came to it Eliza had realised she'd used all the butter to make special butter. Oh dear!

She carried on regardless. The mixture was made, the buns were baking and Barnardo took to licking the bowl with great relish. They all agreed that the buns would be very tasty. When they were ready Barnardo didn't want any as he was already sat in a special bun stupour. Eliza's mum had one and Eliza had one and some crumbs and some more crumbs. Then Eliza wrote this wee story about her special butter.


Rob Z Tobor said...

Nine years for a blog is very impressive I think the longest still running is 17 years. It is a good blog Miss Hannah so keep it up.

Special butter sounds interesting; I cant make buns but I can make a mess when I eat them.

hootchinhannah said...

Wow 17 years. That must have been when the internet was first invented. I remember reading an interview with Blur in the NME and they were asked if they "surfed the net" and I had no idea what they were talking about.

I am not a very good bun maker. I mean, they always taste ok but I am a clumsy decorator so they look like something a child would make.