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Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Taoist That Strayed

You know how technology is, great when it's working, annoying when it's not. The other day in work we had a customer sitting at one of our computers choosing his photos. We do this when their CD or their pendrive doesn't work in the kiosks. Another customer walked in. I heard his voice before I actually seen him. It was a voice I knew as this particular guy has been in a few times and he's somewhat memorable.

I would call him an excitable chap. He doesn't so much speak but holler in a high pitched tone. He likes to chat about photography and how Apple is better than microsoft (a debate I refuse to participate in) and he doesn't like to make eye contact. I say none of this in a hateful way. He is quite the character.

Anyway, it was my colleague who was serving him at the kiosk and as she was finishing off his order the guy was pacing around the shop chatting away to no one in particular when he noticed the customer sitting at the computer. This is when my ears pricked up as I heard him say "I hope that's not Stray Taoist, he's my friend on Flickr"

Well, he didn't say Stray Taoist, what he said was Stray Toysta, but I knew he meant Stray Taoist and I knew that he had never atcually met him in person, just that he had him as a contact on Flickr.

The Man Who Wasn't Stray Taoist finished his order and left and our little friend said "I bet that was Stray Taoist". I sniggered to myself as I knew it most definitely wasn't but I didn't want to burst the guy's bubble.

So Mr. Taoist, if you have a wee random contact on your Flickr list that sounds like he might fit the bill of our delightful little customer you can let him know that it was most definitely not you sitting in my place of work. And you can thank him for brightening up my day.


Stray Taoist said...

I wonder...I have an idea. I have one contact on my Flickr list from (I think) Gracehill (is where he lives now...certainly he was in the year above me in school, though he doesn't realise this). I am guessing he doesn't read your window on to the world, but could it be this bloke?

And this post made me smile :)

hootchinhannah said...

That's him alright! He thinks you're a bit of a crafty one, loitering around photoshops!

I don't think he has stumbled across my blog. And I keep a fairly low profile on flickr. I really wanted to tell him that I knew you but I kind of feared he may never let me go until I took him to meet you and then he may never let you go :)

Stray Taoist said...

He has been leaving comments on my photos for years (first one was on one of an ARM chip, I mentioned I worked there, he looked back at more, coincidence, he spotted my pics of Gracehill...). He is somewhat...odd.

Alas my loitering days are over, I am bit too old for all that caper ;)

hootchinhannah said...

He is an odd little creature. Harmless though. He certainly brightened up my day :)