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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Old Addictions and New Additions

Today is day 3 of no smoking. It's going a lot better than I thought it would. I think my week of mental preparation has done me proud. I am doing this without any nicotine substitutes. I don't see the point in prolonging my addiction without the so-called pleasure of actually smoking.

Now I feel that I've got this far it would be complete lunacy to ever smoke again. I feel pleased that I have taken control over my life, rather than letting my addiction control me.

But, more importantly, we have two new additions to our rat clan. Rocky has been miserable since Pepe's departure. He's been off his food and has been looking very folorn. It was breaking my heart to see him so sad and lonely. It's a well known fact that rats can die of depression if they have lost a mate and apparently it can happen quite quickly. So, without further ado, we went down to the pet shop and picked up 2 new babies. Of course, nothing is ever straightforward for me when it comes to rats. We arrived back home with Jo Jo and Meka. But anyway, that's a story in itself and one I will keep for tomorrow.


Nelly said...

We are expecting photographs ASAP.

ganching said...

Good luck with the non smoking. Just think of all the people who have gone before you.

hootchinhannah said...

Will post pics very soon. Wish I'd got a pic of the 3 of them lying in the hammock this morning....very cute.

Thanks Ganching, had a bit of a hurdle yesterday but was able to get over it without succumbing to the evil weed. Thanks for the encouragement.