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Friday, January 27, 2012

Get Back Jo Jo

Oh what a week it has been! So, Meka and Jo Jo, our 2 new baby girls. Except that Jo Jo was a man who thought he was a woman, but he knew it couldn't last. Jakers and I wanted 2 girls to keep Rocky company. The reason we wanted girls was because we thought that introducting young, un-neutured bucks would put Rocky's nose out of joint. Rats are pack animals and in packs there will always be competition over dominance.

We arrived home with Jo Jo and Meka and introduced them to Rocky. Rocky immediately went over to groom Meka (a sign of him showing his authority). Little Meka closed her eyes and let Rocky do what he wanted to do. Jo Jo, on the other hand, was trying to run rings round Rocky and kept leaping up onto his back. This aggravated Rocky and there were a few scuffles.

Jo Jo's behaviour seemed more masculine than feminine and on closer inspection of his gemitals Jakers and I both thought he looked more like a boy than a girl. We took Jo Jo back to the pet shop where the shop keeper who was happy to let us trade Jo Jo for a rat we knew was definitely female.

So, now we have Rocky, Meka and a little white rat, with a ginger head and no name. Our little rat family is complete. All three of them are lying snoozing in the hammock. Rocky definitely likes the new rat better than he liked Jo Jo. Which wouldn't have been hard considering he hated Jo Jo. It had to be what was best for Rocky. He is much more content now and back to eating properly. I'm sure he has not forgotten Pepe but at least he is not so lonely now. I don't have any photos just yet but will post as soon as I can.


Nelly said...

Latest episode of Hoarders was about a man who had over 200 rats running wild in his home. He was a lovely man too but the rats wrecked his house. I'm glad Rocky is neutered.

hootchinhannah said...

Were they pet rats or wild rats? Pretty bad either way. If Rocky wasn't neutred we'd have 200 rats in no time.

Nelly said...

They were pet rats and rather gorgeous. If Rocky wasn't neutered you would have two and a half thousand rats in three years.

hootchinhannah said...

Dear Lord that's a lot of pet rats. Must definitely watch that episode.

hootchinhannah said...

Dear Lord that's a lot of pet rats. Must definitely watch that episode.

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