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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Girls Get Up To

Inspiration has been thin on the ground just lately. I find when your busy doing stuff there's no time to think about interesting tings to write about. And I have been a busy girl, what with the alternative 12th BBQ and general summer merriment.

I stayed over at my friends last night to keep her company while her parents are on holiday. Her cousin informed us of a ceriain internet phenomenom called Chat Roulette. Well, it involves switching your web cam on and chatting (or otherwise) to someone half way across the world. If you don't want to chat you hit a button and you see someone else who you may want to chat (or otherwise) to. Obviously it's a total breeding ground for exhibitionists wanting to show off their assets in the hope of enticing someone to do a little more than just chat. I guess that's where the roulette part comes in because every time you hit the button you don't know if your gonna be staring at someone's face or someone's assets. Needless to say, we are innocent girlies and we did a lot of shrieking. We also sang Danny Boy to some Jamaican lads.

1 comment:

the.sweetest.bitch said...

Man I dont know how many times Ive vistited the lovely sight of Chat roulette with my friends. Ive met some great people on there but from another view it is PRETTY skanky! haha:)