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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rocky Speaks Out

Work has been a nightmare this week. They say never work with anilmals or children but anyone who says that doesn't work with technology. My job depends on computers and printers. When they don't play ball it causes endless problems. But, I'm off today. Except that I'm not really off because I'm volunteering with my youth group. Lately I've had an overwhleming urge to climb a mountain. Today we are going orienteering which is the next best thing to climbing a mountain. When I told my boss this he said, "Please don't get lost Hannah, we need you on Friday". Either he hasn't a lot of faith in my orienteering skills (not sure I can blame him) or he thinks life is a movie because anyone who goes on such expeditions in a movie is bound to get in a spot of bother. Personally, I don't mind if I get lost. It may be preferable to going back to work. I just hope I don't run into any bears. Ireland is hotching with bears. Ask Nelly.

Anyway, Rocky was a bit raging that Pepe got to post on my blog and he wants a wee turn at it so here is, Rocky the Rock Star:

Hi everyone,

I know you've heard a lot about me but that was from Hannah's point of view and she doesn't speak Rat and I think she's waaaaay off the mark. Firstly, I am not stupid I am just bone idle. Yes, I like to stuff my face and, yes I like to sleep for hours in my hammock while Pepe runs around like a mental skittish bitch (hope I don't get into trouble for calling Pepe a bitch)but it was them who insisted on getting my balls chopped so now my only pleasures in life are sleeping and eating. Having said that though, I do so love to get out a wee scoot. Hannah and Jakers let us 'free range' round the living room, and though it'ss only a wee living room to them, it's practically a whole country for us. I love jumping up on the window sill and looking out over the universe. I also like to have a wee nibble at the Parrot plant they keep there. Well, that's all for now, I just wanted to set the record straight that I am not a dumbass. I'm actually quite sensitive.

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