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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pepe's Post

I didn't realise it but tonight was my last night volunteering until September. It'll be nice to have a break for a few months but, now that I have a spare evening free every week, I think I should use it as an opportunity to start driving lessons. To be honest, the thought repulses me but I am only putting off the inevitable.

But.....someone else has something to say. It's Pepe the rat:

Hey there,

Well, Hannah thought that Rocky would be the first to guest blog but he hasn't learnt to read or write yet 'cos he's a thicko. I think the fat has clogged up his arteries and the blood doesn't flow to his brain so good. I used to have lots of adventures round the flat. One of my favourite places was behind the TV where all the wires were. I never nibbled them. I waited until Hannah or Jakers put their hands in and nibbled them instead. Except, they didn't like me nibbling them and always shouted at me. I don't get out and about as much these days since me and Rocky got the new cage. I do like it. I especially like the soft flannel hammock. Sometimes me and Rocky just lie in there all day long. I'm not sure what I make of Hannah and Jakers. They're ok sometimes and give me bits of ham or cheese or fruit but sometimes I just want to bite them, just for the hell of it. And sometimes I have a good scrap with Rocky. Ok, that's all for now, I'm ready for a nice big snooze in the hammock. Cheerio

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