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Thursday, October 21, 2010


This handsome guy shares the same name as my boyfriend. My Jakers is way cuter though. I figured that I'd be mentioning him a lot more when I move in with him and referring to him as 'my boyfriend' would get pretty boring.

This day next week but will be my last night at Nellybert's. And then I will be a Townie. It looks like Tuesday night is going to be Music Night. Jakers has already got me a form for volunteering where he works and Tai Chi classes are held in Ahoghill on a Thursday night. There's nothing to ail me calling in on Zoe for half an hour after work the odd day. I used to live round the corner from Zoe and saw her maybe once a month. Shocking! But that was before she had baby Martha and I'm an auntie who's greedy for the baby cuddles.

The only real worry now is work and money and sure I'm too happy to be bothered worrying about that until I have to.

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