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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

B12 In The Bum

I was gonna post about being sick but it's not particularly enjoyable to write or read about so I won't bother. Except to say that my energy levels are at an all time low and I would probably benefit from a big dose of vitamin B12 in the bum. This is not a euphemism. Apparently vitamin B12 is all the rage amongst the celebs. I'm not sure that they need the injection in the bum but most of them are so skinny that they probably do.

The time has come for me to finally grow up and flee the nest. I'll be moving in with my boyfriend at the end of the month. It's the natural progression really considering we've been together for 2 and half years. Normally I stay with him at the weekends and a day during the week. This means carting my stuff to and fro in bags and I have done enough living out of rucksacks. It'll be nice to have just one permanent base. Also, I'll be living in the town which means I can put a lot of what I want to do into practice. No excuses now for not going swimming once a week. When I was 17 I asked my dad for some money to buy a swimming costume with the intention of swimming on a regular basis. It's now 11 years later and I still have the same swimsuit. I've only used it about 10 times.

Today I need to go into town and buy a few bits and pieces for the flat. I think it will take a while before it starts to feel like my own place but then I'm kinda used to that. Getting a few pictures up on the wall will be my number one priority. This shouldn't be a problem though considering where I work.


Tuesday Kid said...

Good luck with moving in together. Make regular visits to Nellybert's though.

hootchinhannah said...

Cheers TK. I'll be missing the dogs and cats so definitely be back to see them. Might have to kidnap Fat Face Freddy and bring him into the town.