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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Domestic Bliss

I'm back online and all broadbanded up. I've been living in the town with Jakers for just over a week and we have a little haven of media and entertainment and scented candles. We take it in turns to make dinner and I make us both a packed lunch every day for work. Right now it's domestic bliss though Jakers reckons I'll be bored by next week and he'll be cooking all the dinners and there'll be no sandwiches for lunch.

We also have the loan of a Wii for a wee while. I'd never played one before but am totally relishing in the delight of beating Jakers at bowling and boxing. Beginner's luck no doubt but i may as well enjoy the feeling while it lasts.

I like the handiness of everything. Getting home from work without buses, popping down to the shops on a Sunday. I have also purchased myself a hot water bottle complete with fluffy cover. The cover is so soft I can almost pretend that it's a warm fluffy kitten. A picture of Nellybert's pup Judy hangs proudly on the living room wall but I'm not sure Jakers will allow me to plaster the whole place in animal pictures. He probaby thinks it's girly enough with all the scented candles though he has been known to walk past the Yankee Candle shop informing his men friends that when it comes to scented candles it has to be Yankee.

Well, anyway, I'd love to blog all night but I'd get tired and folk would get bored. I think I'll just light a scented candle, light a little smoke and chillax for the rest of the evening.


Anonymous said...

enjoy. dad xx

daniel said...

hi. I am from brasil. I dont know speak english. I qant do friends in other countries.