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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Joy Riding Dreams

The other night I had a dream so damn ludicrous I have to share it with the world. Mel and I were driving in her mum's car. We'd left it briefly to call into a shop to get sweets and when we came back there were 4 young hoody-wearing, joy-riding yobs driving away in the good car. Fortunately, they weren't driving that fast so we were able to chase them. Unfortunately, the only thing I had to stop them from stealing the car was a pair of dirty knickers, which I proceeded to rub in the face of the driver so that he couldn't see where he was going. He crashed, repeatedly, into a lamp post!

Dad, The Lovely Linda and Katkins and her future hubby have joined us in the Land Of Ire for a week of holiday fun and mid term madness. Katy is making a crustless quiche and there's a special Nigelly cake in the fridge. There's Jameson's on the sideboard and I have a mechanic helicopter to construct. Surely it don't get much better than that?


Musings of Mel said...

Dude - that story sounds familiar up until the hooded yob point. I'm sure we joyrode (is that the plural of joyride?!) in my own car to get sweets. Or had I passed my test by that point? I can't remember. Oh gd - that is a bizarre dream though.

I've been having some crezy ones recently - a few months ago I dreamt Edinburgh Hannah was emptying jelly moulds full of bioled eges out and making a huge egg mountain. Strange.

Your activities sound like great fun - I particularly like the cake and helicopter building.

Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas time - won't be home beore then as I'm out of annual leave.

Lots of love - have a fun weekend with all the family!

hootchinhannah said...

Aye, us stopping off for sweets! Very familiar. The helicopter was too hard for me to construct. There seems to be a million screws and the instructions are printed on the most minuscule piece of paper.

I am looking forward to having you home for a whole WEEK at christmas. And New Year too!!! You're spoiling me!!!

Love you long time X