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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is Carlos More Crazy Than The Zombie Catepillars?

I have been trying to blog but I think I'm a bit sick of myself. Sick of the things I write and they way I write about them. The weekend was good. I spent Saturday night in the local with a low-key crowd that consisted of some part-time musicians, full-time alcoholics, two woman, both mad but in different ways, a sweet young gay guy who has befriended me, and Carlos, whose possibly from Spain but most likely from the moon.

Carlos is a regular at the bar. He acts like a crazy but harmless fool. But he's crazy in a way which makes you wonder if he's putting it on. I really don't know his story and neither does anyone else. He talks to many but no one really understands him. I can't help get the impression he just finds it easier that way. Pretending to be mad rather than trying to get people to understand him. I was thinking of trying it out for a bit.

I couldn't help but get totally fascinated by the caterpillars that were crawling up the outside window one day last week. I went out for a closer inspection and noticed the caterpillars were lying over these bundles of yellow pods. I asked Bert about them but all he knew was that the caterpillars came from the cabbages. Turns out that tiny wasps sting larvae into the 'pillars and this makes them head up high, where the larvae explodes out of them, killing them. I was reading all about it here. Bert brought some into the house with the cabbages. He said he kept trying to chuck them in the compost but they kept crawling out. That's because they're programmed to head up high so the larvae can explode. Bert should no better than to try to upset the course of nature.


Anonymous said...

the things you write are always interesting. it's good

Hails said...

I think I know Carlos. Or if not, there's someone else just like him! I was always amazed at how well he could speak English when it would benefit him to do so, and yet the rest of the itme he seemed to not be able to understand a single word...

He painted me a picture once. It looked like a few random big splotches of bright colours. He said it was me. Hmm.

hootchinhannah said...

Thanks dad, but you know, you are my dad and it's in your job description to say things like that!

Hails, this Carlos was once ran over, outside Ballymena police station, in the early hours of the morning. A young guy, who also drinks at my bar, was passing by and witnessed the whole thing. He said Carlos piked himself up off the ground and continued on his merry way. The car drove off. A police man asked my friend to run after Carlos to see if he was alright. When he turned the corner Carlos was, apparently, sitting on the kerb petting a black labrador.

Could be the same Carlos for sure!

Tuesday Kid said...

There's a bug rats get that makes them not scared of cats and the cats eat them and piss the bug out and then the rats catch it again. Sounds like the larve thing. It's what Tommy died from in Trainspotting.

hootchinhannah said...

Aw man, I like the voodoo wasp theory better. For many reasons but mostly because it doesn't involve cat piss.

Musings of Mel said...

Oh god I feel wholly perplexed by the exploding caterpillar larvae.

Crazy Carlos sounds fun though - I might try that tactic too!