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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I love aweets, I really do. But I should've known better than to go to that shop and buy a 20p mix-up. I'm pretty sure those sweets have been there a long time. They tasted fusty* and they are ridiculously overpriced. A penny sweet costs 2p, a small refresher chew costs 5p (I don't know what it's RRP is but they ain't worth 5p). They sell single malteasers for 4p!!!!! These malteasers obviously fell out of their packaging in 1987. I love malteasers but I wouldn't eat these ones if you paid me let alone charge me 4p for the privelage of suffering from food poisoning.

Still, I ate the mix-up and now I'm waiting for the hallucinations to kick in, like when Lisa was dared by Bart to drink the dirty water at Krusty Land. I hope it's not a bad trip. I have visions of Willy Wonka and his singing oompa loompa's.

Tonight I sort of gave up on driving. I lost the head with it last Thursday and could not be tempted out tonight for love nor money (well, definitely not love, maybe money). Mum used her maternal cunning on me though and before I knew it I was out in the car, for a wee while anyway. Y'see, Bert's a good teacher, patience being his strong point but it was good for me to get a female perspective on it too. While Bert had explained to me to feel the bite when you let off the clutch mum had said listen for the car to let you know it's ready to go. I must find it easier to listen rather than feel because I was starting the car no bother tonight.

Oh aye! I started my new job today. It was busy enough, which was good because I was able to get stuck right in. I hate hovering about in a new job wondering what to do. Obviously it's a nice way to start because I already know some of the people I'm working with so there's plenty to chat about. To be honest, I'm just glad to be working in the land of the living again. Working in that wee shop on my own fried my head more than I realised.

*Fusty (pron. foosty) - old, out of date, rotten, covered in a layer of mould, off.


Musings of Mel said...

Was it that shop n Linenhall shop - the ones who tip all your sweets out and count them so you don't do them out of 4p?

Fusty is a great word - commend its use. Keep going with the driving dude - you can do it!

hootchinhannah said...

LOL it was the Little Linenhall Shop of Horrors indeed! Obviously every penny counts.

Cheers for the words of encouragement X HmmmMwah X

Hails said...

1) WTF????!!! A, outraged to learn of the price of sweets. A 20p mix-up, as I recall it, is meant to have more or less 20 sweets! That's just one of the things in life that really does not have any right to change, inflation be damned.
2) I'm so glad to hear about the clutch/bite thing, I never had a clue about that either. Even now I still pretty much just rev like mad and hope for the best. ;) Good to hear you didn't quit though.

hootchinhannah said...

I know Hails, bloody outrage innit! For penny sweets to cost 2p they really should be layered in gold, not mould.

I'll get the hang of this driving yet. May take me a year or two but, by jove, I'll get there.

Musings of Mel said...

I KNEW it - those Linenhall Street BASTARDS!!! I'm for calling Environmental health. I've turned into a right complainer - I phoned Edinburgh council last week to tell the the city stinks of shit.
But it DID!!