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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Boy On The Shoestring Hammock

I woke up under a dark sky. Two cherry trees were illuminated by the light of a star. A shoestring was tied from one tree to the other. There was a boy lying on the shoestring hammock. He smiled and the star shone brighter.

"Come, come lie with me" He said.

"But you're lying on a shoestring, there's no room for me"

He held out his hand to me, "Come".

The scent of cherries filled my nose. I felt a warm sensation like silk against my cheek and honey down my throat. He wrapped me in his arms and we spun round and round and round. We laughed like two kids at the playground. The ride stopped and we melted into the calm. The trees hummed a sweet song, lulling us to sleep. When we woke I asked where we were.

"We're here" said the boy.

"But where is 'here'?"

"'Here' is where we are" he said, "And 'here' is where we'll always be"


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Anonymous said...

can u put a link to my flickr so that i'm not the only oerson looking at i it. though maybe it will still be just me. xxxxx

hootchinhannah said...

Cheers, Salt Face, been off line for a bit so hadn't a chance to get back to ya.

I'll send a wee link on my next post dad xxxxx