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Sunday, March 01, 2009

So There Ye Go

The nicest thing I did this weekend was meet my big sis at the new ice cream parlour in Ballymena.
Unfortunately they didn't have the hot waffles so I settled for a Knickerbocker Glory. I had caramel ice cream, toffee fudge ice cream, marshmallows, more fudge, caramel sauce and white chocolate sauce (Like I said before, white chocolate isn't really chocolate). Pure sugar heaven....

I went out with some girls from work on Friday night. Apparently I am hilarious to go out drinking with because I don't mind getting up on the dancefloor on my own and dancing like an idiot. Wee Prawn needed a good night out with the girls so I was glad to oblige.

I stayed in on Saturday night and updated my CV...yeah, I know. There were a few reasons for this, the most obvious being that I am at the end of my tether in my current job. I thought my last boss was bad at running a buisness but he's got nothing on my current employers. My male boss at the minute speaks to some of his staff like they are dirt. I dream of foreign lands.

So there ye go. Next weekend I'll be in the roadkill capital of England, Norfolk, visiting my dad and sister. Yeeeoow! And the weekend after that Mels is back in town (and Nelly has promised her treacle tart) and I'm pretty sure the weekend after that is when Spring officially starts and we are rewarded with an extra hour of daylight for our bravery in surviving Winter.

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