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Monday, March 24, 2008

Long Beach All Dubstar Struck

The best gig I ever went to was in Stoke. The Long Beach All Dubstars featuring former memers of Sublime. I couldn't miss it because Sublime are my favourite band and I'd never got to see them due to the lead singer, Bradley Nowell's, untimely death. The gig was amazing. The band did a mixture of their own tunes and classic Sublime. I may as well have been at a Sublime gig as it was the closest I'd ever get.

After their peformance I accosted the lead singer on his way to the toilet. The venue was in a small night club so it was easy to get upclose and personal. Which was to be my downfall. I congratulated the singer on his sterling job. I then told him he sounded just like Bradley Nowell. He looked embarassed and mumbled that he could never be as good as Brad. I was all star struck and started babbling and tried to make excuses for my self by eventually saying But you were in Sublime! He must've thought I was the worst Sublime fan in the world because he said Actually I wasn't in Sublime. The bass player he was in Sublime. I didn't know what to say but luckily Gravy Dave walked past wearing an old skool Nirvana T. Shirt which the singer took a liking to and asked me if I thought Gravy Dave would sell it to him. Oh aye. But he didn't. 'Cos Gravy Dave's not fazed by rock stars.

So the moral of the story is, if you get star struck it's always good to know who the star is and, on the same note, it's always good to know who you're talking to before you actually talk to them.


Anonymous said...

twoz a great gig, i know cuz i woz that soldier boy. JTF

hootchinhannah said...

I know you were there JTF but how do you mean you were that soldier boy?

Anonymous said...

just an ol sayin, hope you had a gud birthday

hootchinhannah said...

I never came across it before but I know what you mean now. I had a lovely b day thanks x