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Thursday, January 04, 2018

The Hairy Kneed Boy

I have booked my two month 'lifestyle break' from work. I will be off all of March and April. This was the light at the end of the tunnel getting me through the past year. Now, because it's the realms of reality rather than I'm anxious. I'm not anxious about bad stuff happening to me when I'm away. I don't worry about stuff like that. My anxiety is very much wrapped up in a wee dog faced boy child with hairy knees.

I am giving myself a good talking to with regards to this. I have projected a lot of stuff onto Ziggy over the years, worrying more about his welfare than my own because it's easier. The problem doesn't lie so much with leaving him, but the way my travel plans are going so far, I will be away for three weeks, back for a week and then gone for another four weeks. Can you imagine the hairy-kneed dog child?

Mummy is away and it is sad but...I will survive because I have my granny and the other dogs and I am in the countryside and it is Spring time now and everything smells alive. Oh look!!!! Mummy's home and she smells of sunshine and cocktails and she is so happy and I've missed her so much and...wait? What? Where are you going mummy? To Thailand, where the dogs have rabies!! But what did I do wrong? Why won't you stay with me? Mummmmmmyyyy.

And so on, and so forth, such like and what have you. Yes, I know. He is a dog, a hairy kneed dog and he will just accept whatever the day offers him and so, perhaps, should I.

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