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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Four Baldy Bastards

I like to believe that if I was cut open, rivers of words would flow out rather than rivers of blood. I should probably drink cans of red thesauri, to make sure the words never run out.

No more new songs lately. Except for the Desert Song. Jobe thinks it sounds very like Queens of the Stone Age. I said "Humph...but they never did a desert song" to which Jobe replied "Yes they did. They're from Palm Desert. Their record label did the Desert Sessions!" Well, fuck them anyway. Thinking they own the desert.

We're all pretty pleased with it. I think that's because it's the first song we've really written together. It started off as one of Jobe's many little riffs, Jakers added another guitar, I wrote some words and Tobe figured out the bass line. Jakers is always talking about 'The band'. I am still an advocate of 'music night' as opposed to 'band practice'. Jakers nearly quit and went solo. This is how it is when you're in a band. Us creative types can get very moody lol

I have to maintain my stance on what this was always about. It was, to some degree, about the music. Mostly, it was about friendship and people connecting over something fun and beautiful. If it starts to become all about the music it loses it's charm for me. When everything has to be done right, done to perfection, practiced ad infitum, I stop seeing it as a creative enterprise and more like a job.

I am hopeful it won't get that way. And, if a lucky coincidence occurs and we end up writing more songs this is just an added bonus to something that it is already pretty awesome. And if we do keep writing songs and working well together we might have to change the name of the band. The GCDC's were the name of a band who weren't really a band. They indulged playing songs only in G, C and D because it was easy and fun. Jakers wants me to shave my head so we can call ourselves Four Baldy Bastards.


Rob Z Tobor said...

It would be good if you all stay friends, bands do seem to have a habit of splitting up just as they get going. I think sometimes members can get competitive and someone will think. . . . Hang on I'm the good one they are all rubbish. . . rather than think we are a good band or we are having a good time.

As for shaving your head, it might just be the wrong time of year to do that Maybe you could be . . . Three Baldy Bastards Miss Hair. . . . Where of course you are Miss Hair, Miss Hannah

hootchinhannah said...

I think we should be able to stay friends. If it was a group of boys it would be worse. I am the female energy that demands we talk about our feelings. I did always want to get a 'Sinead O'Connor' but, you're right, it is the wrong time of year :)

Jakes said...

4 baldy bastards, 4 baldy bastards, 4 baldy bastards... Sure ye can always wear a hat when ye go outside. Let
Hehe. Yes, we are a band.