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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The World's Tiniest Frog

I was going to write about Christmas but it was dull. It's over, I survived, yay! New Year was less dull but not worthy of a write up. It was a strange night but good. So, instead I will write about an app that I got for my phone. Jakers was here the other night and he scoffed at my new app, which tells your mood by scanning your thumb. Of course it's a load of bullshit but I made Jakers do it anyway. My mood was passionate. I hoped Jakers didn't think I was gonna pounce on him. He tried it out and the app told him he was yearning. He scoffed at this notion. I tried it again and got confident. Yep, confident that this app was the real deal. Jakers tried it again and got confrontational. Which he was being. To prove the authenticity of the device I scanned Ziggy's paw. He was feeling whimsical. Jakers had one more go and the app told him he was feeling brittle. That's how one can sometimes feel after being confrontational.

Well, 2014 was an interesting year. I had a lot of fun, climbing trees and making music with Gus, and finding the world's tiniest frog (maybe if I'd have kissed it it would have turned into my very own little prince). I had some sadness letting go of people who no longer served me and that seemed to be the strongest message of all for 2014. But, I also learned how to work on the relationships that I know are important and I met some kindred spirits last year who I'm going to get to know a whole lot better this year.

I also watched my wee pup grow up into a young dog. For every bad habit he let go of he picked up a new one and I have learnt that Ziggy is just a tiny dog with one hell of an attitude. Last week he rolled over for Jakers. Now he rolls over for me too. The trick he always refused to do even though he knew how. He grows softer in his old age and he likes to be close to me. I don't need to kiss the world's tiniest frog cos I've got my own little prince right here.


Rob Z Tobor said...

Glad to hear that Ziggy is being a good dog. . I'm sure that app would tell me I am old and knackered, and it would be right.

hootchinhannah said...

Upon a second scanning of Ziggy's paw the app said he was feeling theatrical. Maybe he's ready for his TV career now!

I don't believe that you are old and knackered Rob! You are mature like blue cheese and fine wine!