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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dogs and Their Pets

Ziggy would like to share a few words on the human/canine relationship:

When a dog is born they are assigned a pet human. This is the only thing that doesn’t make sense to me. Dogs have no real choice about which human is assigned to them. It seems to be luck of the draw. And then, of course, there are some dogs that don’t get this privilege of a pet human. I feel kinda sorry for those dogs.

Dogs are very important and they need their pet humans to be really obedient. I often find with my pet Hannah that she is quite stubborn and strong willed. I found her easier to control when I was a puppy and she was kind of drunk on cuteness. We often have a battle of wills and sometimes I win and sometimes she wins.

My work is very important. I look after the house when Hannah is out doing silly human things. I must do this in case intruders break in and steal the house and Hannah and I have to live on the streets. She seems to recognise this as an important task as she always shows me lots of praise when she comes back home to find that I’ve done an excellent job at keeping intruders away.

Humans need plenty of exercise and stimulation and it is also my job to keep my pet Hannah motivated and make sure she gets out for plenty of walks. I do find that she can be lazy at times so I really have to pester her to get up off her lazy arse. When we are out and about I like to catch up with old friends and make acquaintances with new ones. Mostly I am just sussing everything out and making sure that it’s safe for Hannah. Sometimes she meets some of her friends too but their interactions with each other are oftentimes dull. It’s nice when they pat me on the head though.

As much as Hannah can be hard work at times I wouldn’t change her for the world. I’ve seen some dogs whose pet humans are so unruly that they must keep them on a lead at all times, even when there’s no traffic about. I am glad I have my pet under control. The only really, really annoying thing she does is interfere with my work when I’m barking at all the intruders trying to break in. She doesn’t understand that if I don’t keep my guard at all times we could be living on the streets.


Anonymous said...

Believing your are the doer is a life sentence

hootchinhannah said...

Oh, I'm sorry anonymous but little nuggets of advice that are completely out of context have no place on my blog. It kinda reminds me of someone I used to know.

Rob Z Tobor said...

I am slipping on this commenting game. . . . so much to do no time to do it.

Ziggy you are right my dog Jenny a border collie had me running about all the time. Sadly she died aged about 18. She was a great beast, one of her greatest moments was running at speed through a picnic grabbing several sandwiches and them leaving me to explain stuff to an angry family and crying small children.

hootchinhannah said...

Oh don't worry Rob, at least when you do comment it makes sense. Jenny sounds like a mighty fine girl. We once had a dog who liked to relieve little children of the chocolate bars they were holding. I guess he knew it was bad for their teeth!