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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Papergirl Belfast

Today I had one of those 'senior' moments like when someone is looking for their glasses and they're already wearing them. I was walking Ziggy down the street and I momentarily panicked that I'd forgot his lead, which was, of course, attached to his collar and in my hand.

Ziggy gets called a whole lot of names. The list is extensive and includes; Ziggers, Chief Ziggum, Sir Zigalot, Zigalo, Ziglet, Ziglerthene (my mum's name for him), Zigstar, Wee Man, Wee Dude and Wee Shit. Basically, I'll call him anything, anything but The Zig. The way I see it he has to earn that title and he is far too young and cocky to appreciate it yet. Like Paulo and his sword, Ziggy needs to know what to do with a title like that before he can own it with honour and pride. It has been noted by fellow dog walkers that Ziggy walks around like he is King of the River Path Walk. I encourage all their dogs to put Ziggy in his place.

A few days ago I felt like all my energy had been zapped from me. I guess I was only just getting over the Whisky Flu and I'd been out gallivanting most nights so a bit of exhaustion was inevitable. It felt more than that though, like I'd surrendered something of myself that I was't quite ready to surrender. My body told me everything that I needed to know. It was just a matter of listening to it. I rested for an hour on Friday night before heading round to see Sunshine and Moonshine. It was the most satisfying rest in which I hung out somewhere in between reality and dreams. It was very peaceful and when I came to I was re-energised and feeling good (like Nina Simone good).

The lovely Shiny girls told me about an interesting creative project called Papergirl Belfast. People are encouraged to write, draw or create something that can be rolled up and put in a tube for people on bikes to randomly distribute to the members of the public. Such a brilliant idea I have to be a part of it!


Rob Z Tobor said...

Ziggy sure has a load of names . . . I suspect he may have others at times, most dogs do for when the are naughty. . . .

I like the sound of the Papergirl Belfast but I would prefer to be sure things are going to a good home.

Nelly said...

Jess has a new name. It is The Good Child and she has earned it because she does not steal food like The JudeStar a.k.a. The Bold Child.

hootchinhannah said...

It's a family thing for us. we give a dog a name (normally a human name) and then have several silly names so that the dog knows it's a dog. There's an exhibition of all the submissions in Belfast as well before theyhand out all the tubes.

I just can't believe that Judy Pudding would steal food. Are you sure that Jess hasn't staged it to look like she's the innocent one?