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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Things That Soothe My Soul

Yesterday,after work, I made myself do the thing that I most hate to do. Grocery shopping. I figured that, if I really was serious about gaining some weight, I would have to have some food in the cupboards. This is basic logic. As I looked down at the contents of my trolley I realised that I wasn't so much concerned about my own diet as making sure there were plenty of nice things for my pet rat to nibble on. As it happens Meka is already as fat as a fool.

I was riding a great big wave of annoyance all through Christmas and I couldn't even muster the will to blog a happy christmas post. Everything was a steaming pile of bullshit. It's now less bullshitty but there's still a little bit of a lingering bullshit smell in the air. It's a good job I have Yankee Candles. I remember a time when scented candles and brasso were all I needed to soothe my soul. I also rememeber a time when a 20p mix up would have done the trick. And the best days of my life were the days when all I had to do was put my thumb in my mouth and everything was ok.

Despite my christmas being not great, even though my dear sweet mum tried her very best to make it nice for me, I did console myself with the fact that Ziggy loved his little holiday in the countryside. Every time the door opened he was out like a shot doing doggy type things. By the time I took him home on Boxing night he was fit for nothing. I love it when my wee puppy is soooo tired. He looks like an angel as opposed to a cheeky, rascally devil dog.

I am even less enthused about the New Year as I was about Christmas. Last year I was feeling very stoical and wished everyone, not a happy new year, just a better one. It's the same again this year. Happiness is a state of being that's highly overrated. Better to aim for being content. And well rested. And without too many niggly pains. I may wish people a relaxing new year, or a carefree new year. Then again, I'll probably just go with the flow and wish everyone a happy new year after all.


Rob Z Tobor said...

Well Miss Hannah you don't sound as bouncy today, but Christmas can do that to folk. If you need to gain some weight then in theory this is probably the best time of year to do it, although it is also not a good time for those who struggle with eating. I rather like food, but rather than eat loads of food I always think it is best to eat good food. This may be the best plan for you, buy yourself really nice quality food but not loads of it. This means you know you are eating, which is good, and you are eating things that are made from the best quality ingredients, but you are not having to face huge mountains of food. As it happens I am OK facing huge mountains of food but only decent mountains of food.

I notice you said......Everything was a steaming pile of bullshit......... So you have been reading my blog again then Miss Hannah.

I am glad Ziggy is well, and I hope that both Ziggy and yourself have a bouncy 2014 and get to eat eat dog biscuits, chase sticks and runabout smiling....

take care and be good

hootchinhannah said...

Do cinnamon buns and cadbury's chocolate count as good food?
Sadly, I know only too well the way I should be eating. It is a combination of me being fussy, not feeling hungry and having no one else to cook for that makes me such a bad eater. The fussiness I can work around when I'm feeling more at myself.

I have been reading your blog again but I saw no steaming pile of bullshit ;)

And thank god Ziggy is bouncy enough for both of us at the minute. I am currently on the look out for a suitable owner that will throw sticks for me lol