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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nothing Matters

Sometimes I skirt around the issue a lot. I struggle with wanting to be completely open and honest about everything but I’m always holding something back. I have been honest about my feelings but I haven’t explained why. It’s nothing special. It happens to everyone. But maybe just not in the same way. So, fuck it, in order to completely process the hurt and do what helps me the most, which is write, I have to just bite the bullet. I was in a relationship. I thought I’d met my soul mate. This wasn’t just a fanciful notion I had. I’d thought very deeply about finding my soul mate. I searched deep within myself so that I’d know when to recognise that person when they came into my life.

It turns out my soul mate was a mirage. I won’t go into details about anything because it’s only important to me. Nobody else cares. But the reason I’m writing about it is because when one of my relationships ends, something symbolically dies at the same time. And that is like some kind of proof that the relationship is well and truly dead. When Jakers and I split up Rocky the rat passed away. This time it is my laptop that has died.

I was actually feeling far too miserable anyway to be truly devastated that my laptop was irreparable. But, all my writing and photos were on it. I never backed anything up. Part of me wanted to feel like this was the worst thing that had ever happened in my life. All the work I had put into writing my book. All the photos and memories I had created. I knew how much it sucked but I couldn’t be bothered feeling annoyed about it. I’d write more. I’d take more photos. It didn’t matter.

Today I have been thinking deeply. As it turns out, Jakers, who is awesome with computers, has managed to save my work, although the laptop is most definitely goosed. Had I lost everything I could have, but probably wouldn’t have, turned it into the biggest possible disaster known to mankind. And it would have been, to me. But I realised that no one else would give an actual flying fuck. Not really. They’d nod their head in some kind of empathy but they’d think no more about it. This makes me realise that everything I care about is only really important to me. For some strange reason, this comforts me. It's like freeing myself from the feeling that anything matters. Nothing matters.


Nelly said...

So glad you didn't lose your work. B says hold on to his laptop as long as you need to.

Rob Z Tobor said...

I am glad you were able to save your things on your laptop Miss Hannah. I hope you find a soul mate, but I have a feeling you will only find them when you are not looking.

And I suspect there are folk who care more than you think they do.

Ooooooooo I cant agree about nothing matters, I am an old grumpy chap I know these things, maybe its just what matters is different for everyone so it gets complicated.

I wish you a sunny 2014 Miss Hannah and hope many sparkly things happen . . . . take care.

hootchinhannah said...

Oh, I have never looked for love. It just always seems to happen. And as for soul mates, I never fully believed in them though I wanted to. What I do believe is that things happen for a reason and people come in and out of your life for a reason.

I hope you had a pleasant new year yourself Mr. Rob. For such a grumpy old man you are awfully encouraging!