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Monday, November 25, 2013

Zig's Big Night Out

Despite my last entry having a slight air of doom and gloom about it, writing about meant I was able to get it out of my system and move on a lot quicker. Those periods in my blog when I haven't been wwriting have been times when I tried to hold my feelings in. It never did me any good.

Since then I have been really busy, which is how I like to be. I met with a friend on Tuesday. He is a relatively new friend who I met at work and who is also training to be a counsellor. I met with a friend on Wednesday as well. An old friend who knows me inside out. On Thursday morning I spent some quality time with myself and then I had a driving lesson and my course to attend. On Friday I met with my mum for lunch and then did some shopping. I shopped like a proper girl shops and it didn't annoy me too much. Though it was rather expensive.

Later I took Ziggy round to a friend's house and I drank a few ciders and Ziggy spilt a few ciders on their carpet (these friends are my kind of people who care not much for carpets and love dogs). We all went up to the pub, Ziggy included. I couldn't leave him at home as he'd already spent a few hours by himself when I was out shopping. It's a good job he's a sociable boy because he had plenty of people fussing over him.

On Saturday I had a relaxing morning and then went out again. I knew it was going to be a late one so Ziggy stayed at mum's house. He didn't pine for me once. Too busy playing with Jess and fighting with the cat, who is much bigger than he is. Now it's Monday and I'm back to work but I have a new, better contract and a spring in my step again. I am also vaguely aware that Christmas is around the corner and I have a flat that's been badly neglected of chores so as much as I'd love to just sit here, not moving, I think I better just keep on at it. I also have forms to fill in, phone calls to make, homework to do and, even though these things make me busy, they are exactly the things that I hate doing, and so I will probably procrastinate. Hence writing this blog.


Rob Z Tobor said...

Glad to see you on the up again Miss Hannah shopping can be fun but when it is, it usually turns out to be expensive. My main grumble about shopping is that there are never new exciting things to see anymore. There was a time when all sorts of strange gizmo's would turn up about now, but I think folk in the commercial world have run out of ideas. What ever happened to clockwork Godzilla's and remote control mummies hands, build your own barrel organ or singing goldfish.

You can tell I'm a chap from that list cant you..... I think this subject may require me to write a blog post in the next few days time permitting.

Take care . . . . be happy

hootchinhannah said...

Shopping is a necessary evil sometimes. Especially this time of year. I do remember shops would open up at Christmas full of gadgets and gizmos. I could spend hours in them.