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Friday, November 01, 2013

They Need Never Know

I started to write my blog again because I was getting to a stage where I wanted to take my writing seriously. Not my blog writing. It is basically a glorified diary. Though I don't mean to sell it short. I truly believe that I will become the best writer I can be by exploring all the different types of writing. I need this wee blog just to keep me in the way of things.

It's amazing how easily the creativity can be sucked from you. Sometimes in my life a bout of depression will help me tap into some of my creative resources but I believe that it's happiness that sustains it. I thought I was happy this past wee while but I realise my heart has not been singing quite as sweetly as it could.

I won't go into details of my feelings. Sometimes it's right and sometimes it's not. Life is never what I expect it to be. I am getting used to that now. But I am getting stronger and better equipped to deal with these events that turn my whole world upside down. Nothing will break me because I've already been broken before and I was fixed by the only person who could fix me. Myself.

Right now I'm looking for someone to illustrate my book "Freddy and the Fox". I want to bring this story alive so that I can, one day, read it to my children. And when they say to me "wow, Freddy is the most amazing cat ever" I will smile and say "yes, yes he is" even though I know that Freddy is actually a big fat, useless, bullying ginger bastard. The kids need never know.


Rob Z Tobor said...

My own blog is my diary but it is also my book (well sort of book), or was until it got so long that folk say things like half a million words in chapter one . . . . PHEW that's a bit long.

Luckily I manage to do my own drawing but they are not great. Maybe you should try and have a go at your own drawings. I find the trick it to have faith and keep drawing until a picture is finished. Folk tend to draw a few lines and say O its gone wrong when they should think it is all part of my drawing style and keep going to the end and then decide.

hootchinhannah said...

That's maybe not a bad idea. I don't mind if the drawings are a bit rough and ready.

hasan said...

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