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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three Become One

Well, as you can see I've been taking advantage of the good weather. There has been adventuring aplenty in Lietrim, Donegal, Cullybackey and Antrim. You can also see a picture of the tree house there. There's been no work done on it for a couple of weeks but we're back at it this weekend. Thank God I will have somewhere to live when I run out of money for rent!

I have only one rat now. Though she takes up the space of two rats as she's so fat. Rocky died last autumn. He had been slowing down and getting frailer. Then he lay in my arms one day and died. Shortly after Rocky passed away I had to take Meka to get a lump removed from her chest. It was a massive lump and I fretted the whole day she was in surgery. It barely fazed the wee trooper and if anything, she became more bold and comfortable around humans. Polly and Meka had a happy time together for a while. Polly was always the dominant one and when I noticed a shift in the dynamics between the two I started to get suspicious that Polly was getting sick. My suspicions were confirmed. Polly was sick for a couple of weeks but in the last few days I knew she couldn't fight it anymore. I thought she might die quickly, like Rocky, but it was slow and I coldn't watch her suffer any more. I took her to the vet's.

So now Meka is a solo rat. I would like to get her company but then that leaves me stuck in the eternal rat loop. She has been so brave though. I know how important it is for rats to have a cage mate. I am making sure to tickle in behind her ears like Polly used to do.

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