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Friday, November 25, 2011

Little Shop Of Sunshine

Okay, I need humoured. I have a plan. A very lucrative buisness plan. I was discussing it today with my work colleague, who is also my childhood best friend. I've told her, on many's a drunken night, that our paths did not meet again to fester away in a downtown shop making the rich man richer and make ourselves cynical and bitter. Oh no! We were destined for much greater things.

So, our plan involves running our own shop. This shop will sell everything handcrafted. A range of jewelry made from beads, silver, fimo and whatever else we can get our hands on. I'm thinking of covering all areas from classic to kitsch. There will also be a wood section. For years I've been saying to Bert, who's a bit of a wood whisperer, that he should get into the wooden toy market. I told him I would sell them in a heartbeat. I also know a few other people that are a dab hand at the arts and crafts. Basically, we would run the shop as a co-operative. Whoever wanted to sell their products could.

I like the idea of the workshop being open as well so that when people come into browse you don't have to be breathing down they're neck. Our shop would have a lovey ambient atmosphere. And it would smell like fresh watermelon and kiwi.

I'd like to make use of the beeswax out at Nellybert's. Unfortunately Burt's Bees is already a well known product so I think we'd have to think of another name for all the lip bams, hand creams and ointments I'll be making.

Obviously there'd be a photography section where local photographer's (not naming names, cough cough) could display and sell they're art. And I think it would be nice to offer a selection of tasty homemade cupcakes and muffins. Oh, and I forgot, I know a good few people who can knit up a storm :)

I got very excited when I was telling Jakers all about it. He says he could do a website for it. I like the idea of having a buisness that, if it worked, would benefit not only me but several members of my family and friends. I know it's a cut throat word out there and I know that I think about things in a somewhat naive way but sure, if it makes me happy for an evening.


Nelly said...

Do it online or on the markets - shops are a lovely idea but rents and rates are stinking expensive.

hootchinhannah said...

We'd have to do it online first to build the business up but I think a shop's a good idea too. People like the personal touch when it comes to shopping. I've bought many's a thing in a shop that I know I could have got onine for cheaper just because it's nicer to go in and speak to someone.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Start online and build from there. So many people you know and in the family that could be involved. See you soon.Dad. xxxxxx