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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Cuddle With Charlie

So it's day 3 out at the Dreen. Mum and Bert are in Norfolk visiting Katkins. I am on duty. This is how the average day goes: I wake up. While carers are in with Pearlie I let out pigs and hens and feed them. I come in and light Pearlie's fire and make her tea. Give Bonnie her tablet and give all 3 dogs breakfast. Then it's time for a coffee for me. Quick wash and check on Pearlie's fire. In the evening there's the whole siege of putting hens and pigs back in and feeding the dogs, cats, Pearlie and me.

In between the morning and evening rushes there are endless cups of tea to be made, several trips to the shed for fuel replenishment, the odd egg to fry and (thanks to Charlie having an upset tummy) quite a lot of soiled newspapers to bin. I have also been able to squeeze in a bit of time for internetting, dog grooming and painting. I have also came up with clues for a treasure hunt for my youth group. I pillaged mum's music collection and did a bout of dowloading and so I now have my ipod up and running again. This is the most productie I've been. Ever.

Charlie has been etting on not too bad without mum and Bert and Judy. He hangs in the sitting room with me and tries to lark about with the other 2 dogs. Paddy positively hates him and Bonnie is not particularly keen on him either. So Charlie makes do with me and the cats. He's cuddling with me on the sofa now.

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