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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

When My Teeth Go Green

A few weeks ago I ordered some sweets off the internet. You might think this is a silly thing to do considering I can buy sweets in practically every shop I go to. But I'm 29, I've eaten a lot of sweets and I like to spice things up a bit by trying a few different things that can only acquired via the world wide web. The best bit was, by the time the sweets finally arrived, I'd forgotten what I'd ordered.

I got home this evening to find a note from the post man saying they'd tried to deliver a parcel but it was too big for the letterbox. They normally take it back down to the delivery office where you have to pick it up in person but this time the postman left it with our 'designated neighbour'. We don't have a designated neighbour and I was quite concerned that Mr. M. in 50A was chowing down on my sweets. He didn't though. He called round with the parcel earlier and I opened up, literally, a box of delights. Like I say, I'd totally forgotten what I'd ordered. So now I have a big box of sweets consisting of; red and black beaded berries, rose and lemon turkish delight, raspberry flavoured vampire teeth (a personal favourite), violet bud boiled sweets, banana and mango boiled sweets and a bag of strawberry flavoured tongues. It's all about appreciating the small things in life.....and having enough money in the bank to pay the dentist when my teeth go green.

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