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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dinner By Willy

Last night was a great wee night. I had a hot date with Jakers. We went for a romantic meal at Whetherspoons. Obviously Whetherspoons is the least romantic place to go for a meal but it's where I wanted to go because they serve interesting cider. After our bite to eat (which, unsurprisingly, was rank)we headed over to the Fairhill bar where there was a folk gig on for charity.

Jakers and I made a donation and were entered into a raffle. I said to him, "We're gonna win something, I know we are." And we did. We won a meal for two, cooked by a fella Willy, who is, apparently, an amazing chef. He sat down to discuss what we'd like on the menu. I said chicken and his face fell. Chicken wasn't exciting enough. When I said fish, his face lit up. We were told by others that we were in for a treat.

It would have been a great night even if we hadn't won anything but it was definitely the icing on the cake. And we have a delicious meal to look forward to. Though I'm not a big fan of fish so I hope he really is as amazing as everyone says.


Nelly said...

Lucky old you two! Where is the meal to be served?

hootchinhannah said...

We're having it at Jaker's dad's house. Our kitchen is too pokey for a real chef.