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Monday, March 07, 2011

Yet Another Post About....

.....RATS! They're adorable and maybe, one day, I'll stop writing about them so much but for now I'm just going to indulge myself. Though they are brother and sister they are very much a couple. It's been consummated. Rocky is the more dominant one. He stands over Pepe to protect her when he's nervous about something. He also steals food from her. Right now they're nesting in a clear plastic tube. They've dragged over some of their cotton wool bedding to lay over the side. I guess they're preparing for babies but it will be the first and last litter they have.

Rocky makes his wee trip to the vet on Wednesday. I can honestly say that phoning up and registering him with the vet is the first thing that's ever really made me feel like an adult. I did, however, give them my mum's address because I still don't know what my new post code is. It's a shame we have to get him neutered though because we were just building up our trust with him. And I guess getting his balls chopped off is gonna make him hate us. I hope he can be appeased with apple and kiwi fruit.

Right now the rats are having a tussle with each other, letting out little squeaks every once in a while. They stop fighting periodically to groom each other. Full of mischief so they are. I'm away to play with them.

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