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Thursday, March 03, 2011

That's How They Knew I Was a Boy

I love days like today. I spent most of it hanging out with my niece, who was hanging out with her granny and great granny. The great granny, which is my granny, said she was in right good form today so that pleased me. After a spot of lunch we took Martha to the park where she swung and slid and spun to her little heart's content. I wished that I could swing and slide and spin but I'm pretty sure an adult having more fun than a baby at the park is frowned upon.

It is becoming more and more clear that Rocky is definitely a boy. I told my (male) friend that we were pretty sure he was a boy due to the fact he was growing a set of balls. My friend laughed and said "Well I know that's how they came to the conclusion that I was a boy"

So, to avoid us having loads of inbred baby rats I have to take Rocky to the vet to get neutered. I feel awful about it but I would feel more awful about taking Pepe back to the pet shop to replace her with a male. Rocky and her have already bonded and to give her a taste of a life that she could have and then take her back to the pet shop is just unthinkable. So Rocky's balls have to go. Poor thing.


AS said...

Haha, I thought you wrote that he'd "boned" her instead of "bonded," so I initially thought, "UH, a little late for that."

hootchinhannah said...

He probably has boned her too. Even though she's his sister.

trashmaster46 said...

I didn't know vets would neuter rats.