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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rocky Rat Joins the Clan

Now that I'm back online there's no excuse for not blogging. Though I'm badly out of the habit so bear with me 'til I remember how to write or until I train Rocky to use the laptop. Yes! Rocky is finally here though she's more of a female Rocky than a male Rocky. We got her home last night and she was only in her cage for ten minutes before Jakers and I decided that she definitely needed some rat company. So went back to the pet shop and rescued one of Rocky's sisters. Haven't figured out a name for her yet but I'm just glad that Rocky's not going to be lonely when we're not around.

Today in work was tough. It just seemed to be one of those days. I thought the sunshine made everyone more happy and relaxed but apparently it has the opposite effect on certain people, making them uppity and, generally, very annoying. The worst customer today was Mr. F., a well-known local wino. He wanted passport photos taken but only had 30p in his hand. He was wobbling all over the place making me feared that he'd fall into a rack of frames. He then staggered over to the stools by the kiosk, sat down, and proceeded to fall asleep.

But ah....that was work and I'm at home now watching Rocky and her sister munching on kibbles and dinner is cooking and I have a night out planned and I'm off the next two days and sure, is that not great?


Nelly said...

Hannah sweetness, give Mr F a bit of anonymity. Hit the edit button.

hootchinhannah said...

Edit button hit, Though I doubt that Mr. F. or anyone else who gives a shit, will be stumbling upon my blog.

Nelly said...

You never know. Remember the furore Mr C created about being menshed in mine even tho' I used a psuedonym. It was a blog post referring to the olden days in Cully and some Holy Joe type came upon it and read my entire blog horrified by the salacious goings on described within, drinking and staying up late etc. He also came across photos of Mr C being a bit silly and, according to Mr C, stopped doing business with him because he didn't like the company he kept. Not that Mr F's business interests are likely to be affected but I know his sister and she a nice woman and wouldn't like her bro to be outed as a public nuisance on the internets.