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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At Last

I'm such a happy bunny. Sitting in my cosy, just cleaned flat. Jakers is in the kitchen rustling up some chili mince and garlic bread. I've spent a good hour pottering about the world wide web, whittling my time away. Surely when man was created this is what he was created for.

Now that we're all broad-banded up all we need to make our cosy flat complete is a pet rat (or two). I'm hoping that Rocky the Rat will have a flair for blogging. He could take over for me on nights that I'm too tired.

Despite not having internet I've been keeping myself busy enough with work, jigsaws and endless episodes of Family Guy and American Dad. I've also taken to recording Countdown and watching it in the evenings, which, I've been told, is very sad and marks the end of my life as a young, adventurous twenty-something putting me firmly in the bracket of an old, boring seventy year old pensioner with nothing better to do with my time. Of course, now that I have internet I can cling on to my youth.

Hooray for internet, and days off and tidy flats!!!

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