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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Luck On The Dreen Road

There's a rabbit's foot lying up the Dreen road. I don't know where the rest of the rabbit is, probably in some critter's belly, but I know that rabbit feet are sold as good luck charms. I was thinking of picking it up and putting it in my pocket for a bit of the oul' gud luck.

I need some darkroom practice. That's the hard part of my job. Doing things in the darkroom. My boss was showing me how to change the paper when it runs out. He showed me first in the light so I'd know what I was doing. I understood perfectly. But it's a whole different ball game when you can't see what you're doing. It's also quite disconcerting that when you're in there, you can't open the door until you've finished what you're doing, otherwise you expose the paper or film to light, thus ruining it.

The Lovely Mel is home before she jets off to Ozland for goodness knows how long. I am only a little but jealous of her. I am more happy and excited for her as she has been dreaming of adventures for a while now. We'll be having a little shindig for her tomorrow night and it's only now, while writing this, that I realise how much I'm going to miss her. Even though she hasn't lived in Ballymena for years she was always home every couple of months. We'll miss her little visits and the rays of sunshine that she brings. But she's too good to be confined to Britain and she must go shine her rays on other people in other places.

Whilst on the subject of rays of sunshine and to conclude this disjointed blog post, the best bit of being back at work is, for sure, the fact that the shop is on route to Zoe's house form the town centre. This means that any time Zoe and baby Martha are up the toon, they walk past my shop and call in. I get to see my darling little niece's beautiful smiles so much more. And I get paid for it!

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