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Monday, May 31, 2010

She Loved Us All

On Friday we laid my Great Aunt Mary to rest. She was my grandfather's sister but she was also my Godmother. And as we said good bye to her on Friday a very silly and naive childhood memory came flooding back to me. I recall being slightly jealous of how good she was to my 2 sisters. Of course, she was just as good to me, more than good, but she was my Godmother not theirs! Of course, now that I am an adult I understand that things don't work that way. I never expressed my annoyance but I realise now that the reason she never treated me any differently to my sisters was because she was a good, kind woman with a heart of gold. And on the one hand I felt jealous but on the other hand I felt lucky that I had such a kind, caring Godmother. She loved us all and we were always in her thoughts.


ganching said...

Do you remember she always got you all pyjamas for Christmas when you were little?

hootchinhannah said...

I had forgot about that you know. But I remember the lovely feeling of wearing nice new jammies on Christmas night. You can't beat nice new jammies.

Tuesday Kid said...

Sorry to hear that.