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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost Cameras and Old Trees

A few nights ago, after Danny and I had been to Monte Alban, we went for a few drinks. We'd been to the cheap mezcal bar first and then headed to the Zocalo for a quiet beer. A few nights ago we were at the same bar at Zocalo. I'd been to the toilet and when I came back one of the bar guys was chatting to Danny. Danny asked me if I'd left my camera there and I said no. The guy was nearly sure it was one of us and looked rather puzzled. It was nice of him to ask and he said it was nice of us to be so honest.

The next day I'd planned to go to El Tule. Looked about the hostel room for my camera. Ah Feck!!! It was my camera!!! It had been missing for 3 days and I hadn't even noticed. What a fecking knob end I am. I went back to the bar and it was the guy's day off. I went back today and he was there and so was my camera and he couldn't believe it had been nearly a week and I'd only just noticed. As he pointed out, what would I have done if he hadn't said about it? I'd have had no idea where I'd lost it or that I'd even lost it. I'm blaming the heat of the sun rather than the strength of the mezcal.

We made it to El Tule today but I'll blog about it tomorrow 'cos the excitement of it all was just too much. The attraction at El Tule is a massive tree (52 metres wide) that is the oldest living and flourishing object in the world. It. Was. Awesome. But I've a soft spot for trees 'cos I'm a bit of an oul' hippie. Anyway, more of that tomorrow and the Oaxacan poet.


Musings of Mel said...

Man - you are equally ditzy as me, in fact, you might be even more ditzy. I love the honesty though - he didn't steal your camera. See - this is why you must back your photos up! or upload them to Flickr or something! Rob was travelling in Oz and there was a guy they met on a boat who had been travelling for aggggges and around the whole of Asia. All the photos from his trip were on his camera and someone accidently dropped it in the sea. Gutting. I think I would actually cry. Take care of that camera!
Lots of love to yooouuuuu.


Zoe said...

At least with film, you will only ever lose the 36 pictures on that one film...and your camera! Strive to be less ditzy.

hootchinhannah said...

I know I know, it'd be gutting to lose my camera forever. I think I will take more care when I'm on my own.

Ooohh Mels, lots of love to youuuuu toxxxxxxx

Nelly said...

Yay! Who needs a wise mum with a sensible big sis like Zoe!