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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I need Some Sleep

I was very grumpy last night. I've been sharing a dorm room with people that snore. When one person stops another person begins. I knew it wasn´t gonna be a bowl of peaches (I´m not sure where this saying has come from - my ass, probably) sharing dorm rooms but snoring has to be the most annoying, grating noise ever when you´re trying to get to sleep.

So because I couldn´t sleep I was thinking about my life when I get back home. I want a dog so bad but I'm beginning to think I´ll never be in a position to own my own mutt. This depressed me a lot. More than the thought of never having kids. I don´t want to be part of mainstream society anymore. I just want a hut in the forest. I want to pick my fruit for food and eat scrambled eggs all the time. I don´t want to work shitty jobs that supposedly "make the world go round". Whose world? It doesn´t feel like mine.

And I´m also sick of blogging. I´ve written better when I´ve had nothing to write about. I´m here in a totally different part of the world and I should be writing fascinating blog posts but I just can´t get my head together. I´m very tempted just to give up on it altogether. I don´t need to record my experiences. They´ll be safe in my head.


Nelly said...

No probs getting a hut in the forest (well wood actually). You should even be able to avoid rates and The Divil will show you how to steal lecky of the neighbours. And you'll still be handy for dog-sittin' and calf-feedin'.

Jakes said...

Don't get too disheartened sweetheart. You're bound te have ups and downs, have ye thought about gettin' some earplugs? don't give up bloggin' either, it's one of the only ways of tellin' people over here what you're up to.

Musings of Mel said...

Dude - I'm with you about the whole mainstream society avoidance. I hate it all. I'm definitely up for living in a hut with a PACK of hounds but I think it needs to be somewhere hot and I'd like to live by the beach.

Theres a place in Oz called Daintree - there is a rainforest by the beach. It actually sounds like my heaven. I want a hammock and a few dogs and I'm sure happiness would be instant.

What did they have in the Irish Bar - fifteens?!

Don't give up on the blogging - we get pleasure from reading your blog. I think this sometimes too because I'm shit at it and seem to blog about once a month but its nice to write without constrants of any kind.

Love you lots!


hootchinhannah said...

Ah...there´s always facebook for keeping in contact! At least I had a good night´s sleep last night. The snoring girl wasn´t snoring and I was a little inebriated. Helps.

Clerk said...

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hootchinhannah said...

Clerk, something tells me you are not real and nothing but a computer generated programme providing me with bull shit information. It is not sleeping tablets I need but to share a hostel room with people who don't snore. Can ye provide me a link for that? No? Didn't think so!

ganching said...

Don't stop blogging because I think your blog has been really interesting lately!!!

hootchinhannah said...

I was sleep deprived and grumpy when I wrote that blog. I still haven´t been sleeping too great but I will be blogging again, when I find time in my busy schedule!!!