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Thursday, September 03, 2009

What, Exactly, Is Moral Turpitude?

Well, since I last blogged I have spoiled my sister's birthday present from her beloved boyfriend, I've been dropped on my head whilst participating in a bit of 'Eccky Fun' (not as fun as it sounds) and have been working two jobs. I have to be just about the luckiest chick in town.

The dropping on my head incident left me with a bad shoulder. I think my head sunk right into my neck and that's never a good thing. I was drunk at the time. That's twice now I think I've avoided paralyzing myself with the aid of alcohol. The other time was when I fell from the basketball hoop. Alcohol relaxes your muscles so your more bouncy i guess.

Anyway, what else, what else? Nothing really. I'm getting prepared for my travels by learning Spanish and my copy of the Rough Guide to S. America: On a Budget arrived today. Also, the weather has been pure peeesh and I am dreaming of sunny beaches. I went into work the day after mum had me panicked about biometric passports and realised that I can get them there! I thought they were some kind of micro chipped passport with a barcode and you'd have to have your whole body scanned going through customs. But no, a biometric passport is just a normal passport but with strict photo requirements. I did do a bit of research though and learnt that I'd have to apply online for what they call an ESTA (Electronic System for Traveling Authorisation. Check the application out for a laugh! It's the questionnaire that tickles me.


Unknown said... is the official site for applying - applying is free so whatever you do do not apply through other sites where they charge you - tricksters! I had meant to mention the ESTA to you before but pregnancy makes me very forgetful.

Nelly said...

Moral turpitude is your blog exactly. Remind me to have a mother-daughter chat with you.

Anonymous said...

Not even "deserted from immunty from prosecution" or whatever it was, or might be.How do you know? Dad xxxxx

hootchinhannah said...

Cheers for the heads up Zoe cos I would have been dumb and paid for it.

Mum, Dad, you have been managed to confuse me more. Thank God you reared Zoe right so she could teach me good sense ;)