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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Cryptic Canvas

I got hopelessly addicted to this movie game for a week. I could only get about 15 on my own, then I had a little help from the boy and then, when both of our heads were tortured, I googled the last few answers. I don't know why I embarked upon such a mission as I'm the worst film buff ever. I can watch a whole film and only realise at the end that I've watched it before. I haven't been to the cinema in over 3 years. Couldn't even tell you what I went to see. Although I can kinda still remember the amazing mix-up I got that cost about a million pounds. I hate the cinema.

Anyway, this game done my swede in, big time, but because I had to google the last few answers there wasn't even any satisfaction in completing it. I mean, Iris, who's ever heard of a film called Iris? Take my advice, unless you know a lot about movies, and are good at crypic (and also blatantly obvious) clues, don't start this game.


Anonymous said...

just tried the movie thing and gave up after 10 mins having only got 2 right. seems very annoying cos my movie knowledge aint as good as it used to be. dad xxxxx

Anonymous said...

A good horror movie one in the same vein just to do your head in a bit more there Auntie Hannah.

Plus congratulations to your family
Lots of Love from Eleanor