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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweaty Sweets

This is how my mind works: I'm unashamedly addicted to blogthings. The latest quiz they have featured is What Kind Of Sweater Are You? I immediately start to think about all the different ways you can sweat; profusely, coldly, sporadically? Of course it meant What Kind Of Jumper Are You? If it was called that, would there be loads of Americans thinking; long-jumper, high-jumper, trampoline jumper?

I actually pondered yesterday if Tic Tacs were pre-packaged in a certain way that made an even number of green and orange ones come out every time. After realising that this idea was ridiculous I came to the obvious conclusion that I had become expert at shaking an even number of both colours out. Today I was sorely disappointed to discover that it is not always an even number of Tic Tacs come out of the box.

I admit that it is odd to think so much about Tic Tacs but we all have our little quirks. I take my sweets very seriously. Mel and I managed to have a half hour conversation about Jelly Belly Beans. Mel has terrible taste in sweets though. She may beg to differ but I only know 2 people in the whole world who like white chocolate noses with green, snotty slime inside. I am due to participate in a sweet-off with the Dog Star. I've been told I'll be thrashed but I think I've been underestimated.

Speaking of taking sweets seriously, Nelly has professed to master the art of fudge-making. She's been doing her research and apparently confectionary requires a lot of skill. Even Z says that she hasn't conquered fudge yet and she's a domestic goddess. I can feel a fudge cook-off coming on y'know. Nelly vs Z vs Me. Bring it on!


Unknown said...

Time to get our sugar thermometers drawn!

hootchinhannah said...

Time to get a new sugar thermometer!!

Anonymous said...

Aww man - those nose sweets were amazing. Boy they looked gross but they were still amazing!
Fudge making you say - I could be the independent adjudicator!
Only 1 week until I come back to the Irish isle and then I get to see you - wwwwwhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


hootchinhannah said...

I was in Woodsides today getting a lovely mix-up. I don't think there were any snotty noses though. My new favourite sweets ae vampire teeth.

Yaaaay, I forgot there were actually good things about Christmas, like you and Dirt Bird coming home!!! Can't wait darling xxx whooooooooooeeeeee!!!